A Medieval Castle Book 1993 Macdonald Bergin


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A Medieval Castle Book
1993, Macdonald, Bergen

Step inside a medieval castle and discover for yourself what it was like to live and work inside its massive walls. Superb cutaway illustrations provide a vivid and intimate look at every aspect of castle life: .see the craftsmen and builders at work, without cranes or bulldozers; .learn about the life of the lord and his lady, the pages and young squires; .witness a great dinner in the main hall, complete with jugglers and acrobats; .watch the pleasures of the chase, the hunting and the hawking; t…: The finely drawn illustrations combine with a clear easy-to- read text and detailed captions. The book also includes a glossary ~and index. y .visit the farmer and his wife, at home ( in the fields; .stroll round a village fair, see the hawkers and peddlars; .examine the great swords and the heavy suits of armour; .thrill to the excitement and pageantry of a tournament. )1- .01 This book will bring history to life! ~

CONDITION: BINDING INTACT, NO WRITING, NO RIPS, NO TEARS, A couple of minor creases to the covers