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Candle wick sizes available:

Square Braid #1: Poured candles 2-3″ diameter, Rolled candles using 4-7 sheets

Square Braid #2: Tapers, Poured candles 1-2″ diameter, Rolled candles using half to 1 full sheet

Small Paper Core: Large Containers 4.0″ – 4.5″

Square Braided Wicks
This is a square braided, bleached cotton wick, structurally having a very open matrix and slight curl when burning to minimize carbon buildup. Its open construction and chemical treatment process makes it an excellent choice for waxes that are highly viscous when melted, like beeswax and vegetable wax.

Cotton and Paper Core Wicks
A cotton outer braid surrounds an inner filament of cotton or paper. Both wicks are commonly used in votives, pillars and containers and are constructed with 100% natural fibers.

The cotton core wick produces the hottest flame of all cored wick which helps control carbon buildup. The paper core wick produces a cooler flame than the cotton core but offers more rigidity.

Paper Core Wicks
Paper core wicks burn very hot, which yields a large melt pool. Usually used only in large containers.

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Square Braid #1, Square Braid #2, Small Paper Core

Length (feet)

20feet, 50 feet