Charms for diy jewelry making bracelets, phones, key rings


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Final sale and clearance silverplate and silver tone charms:

key 50 pce

guitar 46 pce

motorcycle 33 pce

acorns 29 pce

solid 4 leaf clover 47 pce

open cut 4 leaf clover 27 pce

spinning wheel 18 pce

ball of yarn 68 pce

deer fawn 18 pce

browning deer head 13 pce

horse 5 pce

horseshoe 5 pce

cowboy boot 7 pce

trout fish 9 pce

golf club 18 pce

baseball 17 pce

miracles, round 15 pce

Best friends, pets heart 27 pce

Grandpa heart 18 pce

Sister heart 33 pce

Dad heart with crystal 34 pce

Son heart 18 pce

aunt heart 16 pce

school bus 15 pce

brother heart style 1 9 pce (can be embellished with small crystal)

brother heart style 2 17 pce

mom oval 17 pce

grandma oval 16 pce

claddagh 48 pce

mini hearts silver plate 23 pce

embossed hearts 22 pce

maple leaf 6 pce

I (heart) Knitting, silver plate 22 pce

I (heart) Sewing, silver plate, 24 pce

Mom filigree

Mom with heart

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guitar, motorcycle, acorns, solid 4 leaf clover, open cut 4 leaf clover, spinning wheel, ball of yarn, deer fawn, browning deer head, horse, horseshoe, cowboy boot, trout fish, golf club, baseball, miracles, round, Best friends, pets heart, Grandpa heart, Sister heart, Dad heart with crystal, Son heart, aunt heart, brother heart style 1, brother heart style 2, mom oval, grandma oval, antique key, School bus, Claddagh, mini hearts silver plate 23 pce, embossed hearts 22 pce, maple leaf 6 pce, I (heart) Knitting, silver plate 22 pce, I (heart) Sewing, silver plate, 24 pc