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Charms Sterling Silver .925

Angel wing, 20mmx8mm

Hansa, 18mmx12mm

Celtic heart, 15mmx14mm

Dolphin 13mm x 7mm

Teddy Bear silver 10mm x 7mm

Lady bug 10mm x 5mm

Sea Turtle 12mm x 12mm

Polar Bear 17mm x 11mm

Dragonfly 12mm x 12mm

Bear with Crystal 12mm x 10mm

Inuksuk 15mm x 9mm

Flat Heart 10mm x 10mm

Four leaf clover 15mm x 10mm

Lotus Flower 12mm x 10mm

Filigree leaf 14mm x 7mm

Thimble 9mm x 8mm

Marcasite Elephant 15mm x 12mm x 6mm

CZ 3 petal puff flower 12mm

Photo frame charm 16mm x 12mm

CZ Bumblebee 18mm x 14mm

Unicorn 20mm x 12mm

Cut out heart 20mm x 14mm

Celtic Knot 20mm x 10mm

Butterfly wing 22mm x 16mm

Open cut 4 leaf clover 14mm x 10mm

Garnet Lily 14mm x 10mm

CZ Apple 14mm x 10mm

CZ Book “LOVE” 16mm x 14mm (closed)



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Angel wing, Hansa, Filigree heart, Dolphin, Teddy Bear silver, Lady bug, Sea Turtle, Polar Bear, Dragonfly, Bear with Crystal, Inuksuk, Flat heart, 4 leaf clover, Lotus Flower, Filigree leaf, Thimble, Marcasite Elephant, CZ 3 petal puff flower, Photo frame charm, CZ Bumblebee, Unicorn, Cut out heart, Celtic Knot, Butterfly wing, Open cut 4 leaf clover, Garnet Lily, CZ Apple, CZ Book LOVE