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Household Lead check kit 2-4 tests per package

Homax Corp. 5250 – 2Pk Lead Testing Kit, Lead check test swabs detect lead on any surface within 1 minute. To use the test swab just squeeze the test swab firmly at the 2 points indicated, shake and then continue to squeeze until yellow liquid appears on

From the Manufacturer
LeadCheck offers the consumer a simple and reliable method to test for lead and get results instantly. Because this test is economical, very simple to conduct, and reliable as a positive test for lead, it provides the consumer a valuable screening tool to determine if they may have a lead hazard in their home. LeadCheck is also valuable to contractors who are not likely to pay for or wait for professional lead testing every time they work on a building that was built prior to 1978. It provides them with an inexpensive and fast way to know – if they cut, scrape or renovate, that they may be contaminating the building and exposing their workers to hazardous lead.