Lord Jim A Tale Joseph Conrad 1931 Copp Clark Book


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Lord Jim A Tale book, Joseph Conrad, 1931, Copp Clark, Pocket Edition, 426 pages, Probably Conrad’s most popular and accessible work, the novel concerns a young Englishman who decides on a career at sea after a course of light holiday literature’. However, the sea does not live up to his romantic expectations. The crisis comes when the Patna, with its 800 passengers, collides at sea, while Jim, the chief mate and officer on watch, had been daydreaming about heroic adventures. Not only does Jim fail to live up to his own romantic self-image, he fails in his duty as an officer. In the second half of the novel he is given another chance and, in the romantic world of Patusan, he is allowed to realized his romantic expectations until the arrival of the piratical Gentleman Brown confronts him with a second crisis. Apart from its engagement with Conradian concerns of isolation, identity, betrayal, solidarity, and moral tests, the novel also marked a development in Conrad’s narrative method both in its handling of narration and in its use of time-shift, previous owner name inside front cover, NO RIPS, NO TEARS, BINDING is intact with no loose pages, shows SHELF WEAR