Painted Pots by Plaid book patterns 1998


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Beribboned, bursting with blos-
soms, antiqued and crackled,
striped and two-toned: you
won’t believe what you can do with
some basic flowerpots, planters, and
other assorted containers. With over 50
fabulous designs to choose from, you’ll
find r e~actly the project to suit your
taste, decor, and practical needs-plus
instructions for techniques from paint-
ing to sponging to stenciling.
A complete section on materials
explains the differences between types
of paint and brushes, and tells you
how to prepare surfaces including
wood, tin, and papier mftche. Master
simple brush strokes that you’ll use
over and over again-among them:
scroll, teardrop, comma, and dot
hearts and flowers.
Start with a variety of striped pots: a
green one with a white rim, a two-
toned striped pot, and a “Faith, Hope,
Love & Charity Pot.” Decorate a pot-
ting bench with a iicorice and tapioca
checkerboard design on top, and col-
orful pictures of clay pots, greenery ,
and flowers OQ the sides. Give it an
antique finish and the bench will look
like a real heirloom!
Want to have the sun, moon, and
stars? Then paint a blue sapphire sky
on a pot along with a gold quarter
moon, stars, and a sun. Add two gold
papier mftche dowels-one of the
moon, the other of a star. Light up
your home with a red, white, and black
Cow Lamp; just base-coat the bottom
with ivory black, add a line of red-and-
white checkerboard squares, and ring
a pattern of sweet-faced cows and big
red hearts around the pot. Top with a
lively shade of black and white polka
dots and cOws leaping over the moon.
You ‘ll find the rich, verdant colors
of the Elegant Roses Pot-forest
green, cranberry red, holiday rose,
and metallic gold-truly breathtaking.
Wildflowers and crocuses each cover
pots that make perfect canisters for
tea bags or candleholders. Serve up
some tasty fried chicken in the whim-
sical Chicken ‘n Biscuits Pot; you’ll dis-
cover it looks great lined with a tradi-
tional red-and-white-checked napkin.
Give each herb you grow a special,
labeled pot of its own, with a gingham
design in basil green and brown.
Stenciling is an easy way to create a
fabulous pattern to cover any pot, and
there is an array of projects featuring
this easy-to-do technique. You’ll even
see how to cut your own stencils. Try
making an English Topiary Floorcloth,
a Picket Fence Planter, a Fern House
Sign, and a Plaid Pot. Block-print a
Tulip Pot in wispy, soft hues or a
Miniature Fruits Pot with grapes,
apples, cherries, peaches, and pears.
Achieve an attractively worn appear-
ance with crackle: a Cherub Pot mixes
antique gold, emerald green, and ice
blue. Also try sponging a Rose Pot,
decoupaging a pot with violets, and
adding some relief design.
The only difficulty you’ll have is
choosing which project to do first!DESCRIPTION