Unique Pendant stones Agate Geode Red Pink Blue Purple diy jewelry making necklaces


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Pendant stones diy jewelry making necklaces –


1 75mm x 32mm

2 57mm x 44mm

3 37mm x 27mm

4 48mm x 27mm


1 77mm x48mm, NOT drilled

2 68mm x 55mm

3 35mm x 25mm x 8mm

4 38mm x 28mm


1 52mm x 45mm

2 57mm x 29mm

3 63mm x 31mm

4 82mm x 35mm


1 57mm x 38mm

2 60mm x 35mm

3 72mm x 40mm

4 40mm x 30mm

5 43mm x 27mm




Additional information

colour & number

1 pink 75mm x 32mm, 2 pink 57mm x 44mm, 3 pink 37mm x 27mm, 4 pink 48mm x 27mm, 1 Red, not drilled 77mm x48mm, 2 Red, 68mm x 55mm, 3 Red, 35mm x 25mm x 8mm, 4 Red, 38mm x 28mm, 1 purple 52mm x 45mm, 2 purple 57mm x 29mm, 3 purple 63mm x 31mm, 4 purple 82mm x 35mm, 1 blue 57mm x 38mm, 2 blue 60mm x 35mm, 3 blue 72mm x 40mm, 4 blue 40mm x 30mm, 5 blue 43mm x 27mm