3 thoughts on “My Two Cents….

  1. Hello ! I am looking for Friendly Plastic stips….and I see a pack for $49 us, assorted. Is it still available? Thank you in advance!

  2. Welcome to Second Silver!

    I hope to post gems of info for anything from navigating the site, collectibles, care of pearls…well you get the idea, almost anything that pops into my head that I think someone may find useful.

    Today I would like to mention that while you are scrolling through products you will find that some items have multiple items in one listing. You can identify these by the small box directly under the Price. If it is a single item the box will read “Add to Cart” but if there are multiple items listed the box will read “Select Options”. When you click on it, it will open another page with all the items available under that title. Hope this helps & Happy shopping!!!

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