Sheaffer Calligraphy vintage box set Fountain pen Parker 14k gold nibs Falcon Eagle Cortex


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1)Sheaffer Calligraphy vintage box set – used… contains: 14 ink cartridges – all , partially used., Instruction Book.+ a second book from another set, Practice Sheet pad, 4 Nibs – Broad (.07), Medium (.05), Fine (.03) – 1 additional nib in the pen, 3 Reuseable Grids – 1 for each of the different sized nibs + extra set of grids from secondary kit

2) Pen nibs: Hunt Falcon round point 97 x1, Resterbrook & Co Falcon point 048 x1, Joseph Gillot & Sons Birmingham 900, 01 x5, Joseph Gillot & Sons Birmingham 500, 20 x1, Bene ES Perry IEIDINOID 888EF England x1, Government of Canada No 15 x2 – Government of Canada No 10 x18
total : 29 nibs
a- 1015 Eagle Cortex made in canada, wood cork Government of canada nib No 10
b- H28 Venus Pencil Co Ltd Made in Canada wood #7014 Joseph Gillott’s Falcon Pen England nib
c- H28 Venus Pencil Co made in Canada wood Government of Canada No 10 nib
d- Parker Challenger made in Canada Parker Fountain Pen 14K gold nib
total 4 pens

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1)Sheaffer Calligraphy vintage box set, 2) 29 nibs – as decribed, 3) 4 pens – as described